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IRIG-B in LabVIEW and Diadem

I have been trying to find IRIG-B help but without sucess so here goes.


I have a PXI which records analogues signals using the standard DAQ-mx Vi's. (I think the sampling is set to continous, with a rate of 100ks/s). I have about 15 AI channels (not important), but one of the AI channels contains a amplitude modulated IRIG-B signal from a satallite decoder and I am trying to synchronise the timebases with this.


The recording DAQmx function as far as I can tell uses the internal timebase of the computer and is saved to a TDMS file.


I review and display the AI signals in Diadem however I am struggling to utilise the IRIG-B timecode (rather than the DAQmx timestamp). Ideally I would like to correct/synchronise the timebase of DAQmx with the IRIG-B signals before they are saved, but if I could also back convert the timebase from old TDMS files to utilise the IRIG-B times (saved as a analogue signal) that would also be useful!.


Any advice is welcome,






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Hello Ben,


This seems to be quite a complicated issue (I had to do a little bit of research to find out what IRIG-B is). Just in case anyone else stumbles across this and is interested, here is a document which describes IRIG-B (along with other IRIG protocols):



Have you seen this document here which describes synchronising your aquisition with IRIG-B?



Best wishes,


Adam Metcalf

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