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IQ Data Analysis on SDR Console

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Is there a way to analyse the Raw IQ data on SDR Console? I've successfully processed the signals and have created IQ Data, I want to analyse it on external software. Is there any alternate to do this?

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Why would you want to analyze the IQ data on any other platform if LabVIEW is providing complete support for analyzing and processing of IQ data. Please use LabVIEW.

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Hi Asfandyar,


   You could take the IQ raw info and extract what you need to put in the other software. You would need to search what type of info does the program uses and make a file (like .txt or .xlsx) and convert it to work along SDR console, if LabVIEW can not perform the right changes on the info for SDR you could create for example a python script to do it and look forward your application.



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Thank You Stark for your reply.

I figured it out after spending two weeks. I simulated the NetSDR protocol in LabView, and by sending IQ data via udp protocol from LabView.

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