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IP camera adaptor / Labview

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Now am trying to interface 2 andorid cameras in labview using the IP camera adaptor installed in the PC.


I  successed in interfacing one camera only in labview, it was working!


the problem is I coudn't find a way to put 2 IP addresses for both andorid cameras that I have! 


Is there any other software that let me interface more than one IP  addresses? or how can I manage the sofware to interface two cameras ( 2 IPs) ?


Thanks alot.





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please any help!

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The android camera is not officially supported by the IMAQdx driver. However, it seems to work fine because the camera is transfering the images via moving JPEG over HTTP (which is what the driver is expecting


You can try to hack the system to support two IP cameras using the following steps:


1. Navigate to <documents>/National Instruments/NI-IMAQdx/Data

2. Copy the IPCameras.ini file and save it to another safe place in you directory (just in case you mess it up later)

3. Open the original INI file (<documents>/National Instruments/NI-IMAQdx/Data/IPCameras.ini)

4. Add the following information:

serialNumber = IPAddress, URL, camera brand, camera description


For example, if I have an Arecont Vision AV5100 with serial number 23A94B, at IP address, transmitting a moving JPEG stream at /jpg/image.mjpg, my entry in the IPCameras.ini file would look like the following.

23A94B =, /jpg/image.mjpg, Arecont Vision, AV5100 at Station 1



5. Save the INI file

6. Try to use both cameras in LabVIEW


Jeremy P.


Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Thanks for your reply !


I followed your first steps, but i do not have a file with of type ini ! I have a IID.


my question was that the IP camera adapter software let me only configure 1 ip android camera with its ip on the PC. and when i try to add another with different ip and port of another android camera it writes it over the previous one. so we end up of having only one ip.


so is it possible to copy the file of cam1 patste it and modify it to have the other ip.?


thanks alot


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Accepted by topic author warda_ez

Now I think that I understand what you are doing. You followed the instructions on this webpage:


The problem that you are experiencing is that the IP Camera Adapter only supports one IP address at a time. I don't know what this software is doing exactly and there doesn't appear to be anything in the documentation that explains how to do more than one camera at a time.


Also, I am sorry that I wasn't very clear in my instructions. You will have to create the INI file at the location that mentioned. Just create a text file and include the text that I mentioned. Save it as IPCameras.ini. Now, see if the camera shows up as an option in MAX and LabVIEW.


Jeremy P.

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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good day

I have the same problem

perform their recommended steps and I have no solution

I have three IP cameras Hikvision and I can not see max

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Hi Anjusa07,


Thanks for posting on the Forums to get some help with your Hikvision cameras in IMAQdx. As Jeremy said above, the IP Camera Adapter only supports one IP address at a time. If you go through the steps outlined above to make an INI file for your Hikvision cameras, you can specify which IP address it exists. At that point you should be able to see it in MAX. 


If you aren't using the IP Camera Adapter, you may want to make a new Forum Post that descibes your problem more specifically in the Vision forums. Generally, issues that have been resolved for 2 years don't have as much visibility as new posts.




Austin H.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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good day..

I did the steps above. I can see the camera but I can not receive images, out error.

view image

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Hi anjusa07,


Since this forum post was originally created 2 years ago, it is best that you create a new forum post. The reason for this is that there will be minimal exposure for your question, and it would benefit the community to have multiple threads that can be found. Please create a new forum post explaining your issue, the hardware that you are working with, and the steps that you have already tried in troubleshooting your issue. Make sure to reference that fact that you used this forum post a resource, so that people that stumble upon your post can refer to this one as a resource as well.




Peter George

Applications Engineering

National Instruments

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Hello, im using hikvision cameras too and they connected via lan port to the pc.

i tried to add them to MAX but i got error code 0xBFFF0011 when im oushing the validate button.


How did you added the camera to MAX?

Thanks alot!

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