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IP camera adaptor / Labview

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It's common forum etiquette to start a new thread for a new issue, as we have here.  That tends to make the conversation easier to see and with posts that took place as far back as three years ago, it helps keep things more relevant to the issue you're running into.


Given the little bit of information you've provided about the error you're running into, I'd be curious which version of the VAS drivers you have installed.  I suspect we're looking at something in the 2015 to early 2016 range.  If that's the case, I'd try installing the Sept 2016 drivers to see if that resolves the issue you're running into.


If that doesn't resolve your issue, please create a new thread with the following:

The exact version of all the software you're using (especially VAS, VDM, LabVIEW, and MAX)

The exact model of the camera you're using?

Are the cameras working with their manufacturer's software?  If not, have you contacted their support as well?  If so, this let's us know the camera works for your PC and we want to troubleshoot the connection in LabVIEW.

Is the validate the only issue you see?  In other words, if you hit "Snap" do you see a picture or get the same error?

Is this problem specific to a single PC or does it work on other PCs?  It's possible you don't have it working elsewhere or have other PCs you can try and that's ok.  But, it helps to know this for isolation.  (Is it a general config problem we have or is it something specific to this PC that we want to see where we got something off a bit?)

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