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IMU sensor

Hello everyone,


I'm trying to use IMU sensor ( 100-IMU00-0300 similar this link ) with Labview, my propose is read the data from IMU sensor. My system consist of Window XP, Labview 2010 and I would like to follow this tutorial


Following this tutorial, they mentioned that I can download the driver at National Instrument's Instrument Driver Network, however when I access this link, I cant find the result for IMU sensor or something similar. If possible please give me the favour to find the way to connect IMU sensor and Labview


Please let me know if any clarification is needed of my issue.


I looking forward to hearing from you


Thank you so much



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Hi Mina

The tutorial you are looking at references IMU sensors from microstrain, whose drivers can be found in the following link:,n2:LM.microstrain/

Unfortunately your IMU (made by Intersense) does not have a driver available at the moment. See the following link for intersense drivers:,n2:IK.intersense/

The way to proceed here would be to contact the guys at intersense directly to see if they have some labview code for basic functionalities.

If not, then you will have to make the driver by yourself. After giving a fast look at the manual, section 10.4 shows the ASCII commands that you may send by either COM or ethernet ports.

There is also an API provided which is described with examples in section 5.3. ("The API provides an extensive set of functions that can read and set tracker configuration..."). However when working with APIs you must be very careful to follow the correct definition of variables and functions.


Hope it helps


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Thank you so much,


I'm trying to develop the library for using IMU sensor. I realy expect that it can work with labview.


Best regards



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