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IMS MDrive 23 with NI RS422 Card (PXI-8431)



I am using IMS MDrive 23 Hybrid Motor in our application. I was using IMS supplied RS422 Converter Cable MD-CC4 to commuincate with Motor from LabVIEW. With the MCode programming, I'm able to generate, download, execute and read response from motor using the IMS Converter cable. But to communicate multiple motors, we have procured NI PXI-8431 (8 Port RS422/RS485 card). When I connect the card with motor, using the IMS Terminal (Terminal utility supplied by IMS), I'm getting garbage values like > ФÈ~ > hRä~? e ÐHè~? Фè~? t ö û Þ Ý í .


I have configured Transmit/Receive Buffer and also the termination to communicate. The end application is based on LabVIEW, IMS terminal is to try viewing. Is there any difference in communicating IMS Motor with IMS RS422 Converter and other Third Party Converter?


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I realise this is a very old thread, but just in case someone else is stuck here. I remember seeing this for our MDrive system as well and in our case it was simply one of the cables between the converter and the MDrive unit that was plugged in upside down.

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