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IMAQdx change fps adquiring with USB camera

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Im working with Labview to process images captured with an USB camera. I would like to know how to change the adquiring conditions of the camera, in special the frame rate per second (fps), the video mode and the resolution. I need to change this parameters in real time, while the program is running.


Thank you.

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You need to use a property node on the IMAQdx-reference. Use the property "ActiveAttribute" and "Value".


Unfortunately, the names and datatypes vary from camera to camera, so you will first need to find out what the attribute names for framerate and resolution are. You can do this by using the "IMAQdx Enumerate Attributes VI".


Good luck!



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Thank you very much for your response. That would solves the problem, but now I know that with my cameras the attribute to change the frame rate is not available. How could I find out which cameras has this attribute writable?

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Accepted by AurelioSilva

Hello again!


I have yet not found a single camera where the frame rate was not changable. Maybe you need to change the video mode.


I have created some snippets for you to play with (attached). Drag and drop the images to a vi block diagram to copy the code (You might have to save the images to disk first).


Best regards

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how to know the attributes names
here is the result the i got from my camera i hope someone can help me


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