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IMAQdx AVI file missing frames




I'm using labview 2015 spring edition with the vision aquisition pack. I'm using a GigE camera to record video at 25 god and want to record to an AVI file. The only processing I do is adding a text overlay to the video. My problem is that the outputted video file is consistently 10 seconds short in length, per minute ran. I'm capturing at 25 FPS and when comparing buffer count numbers, I'm not missing any frames. If also have both the AVI create and camera set to the same 25 FPS. I'm essentially using the example at this link ( using AVI1 instead of AVI2 VI's. One thing I noticed also, is that some codec filters lead to more missing frames than others. Is there a way to improve this? None of my ques backup (all show 0 backed up in the pipeline when I get que info). I don't understand how this can happen.




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@wje285 wrote:



 I'm using a GigE camera to record video at 25 god and want to record to an AVI file.

What does the abbeviation mean?  Is it the same as Frames per second?


As far as I knew, the AVI1 VIs are gone (in LabVIEW 2012, I think), and have been replaced with AVI2 files.  Does the same thing happen if you use these VIs?  [I realize you are trying to write text on the files, which the AVI2 functions might not support, but we're trying to track down "missing frames"].


Something that occurred to me -- out of curiousity, what is the frequency of your AC voltage?  50Hz or 60Hz?  It seems "strange" to me that there is a 25/30 "discrepancy" that seems to be present, so I'm wondering if it might be related to a "bad clock" somewhere ...


Bob Schor

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