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IMAQ image mouse scroll

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Whenever I zoom in on an IMAQ image, I am unable to use the mouse wheel to scroll up/down. I have to manually click the scroll bar and move it up/down to scroll the image.

How can I enable the mouse wheel to scroll the image?


- Sable

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Accepted by topic author Sable
05-25-2019 02:59 AM

The Image Indicator, per se, does not have a Scroll property (as far as I am aware).  However, as with any other LabVIEW Indicator, it will respond to Mouse Events when the mouse if over the Indicator, including "Delta" (which is -1 each time you scroll down one, and +1 for scrolling up).  You can then (programmatically) turn this into a movement of the scroll bar(s), getting as "fancy" as you wish (too bad there isn't a "mouse orientation" property to allow you to turn the mouse 90° and have the wheel mean "Horizontal" scroll.


Note that you can directly query the Mouse, but it doesn't work well.  My current Mouse says it has 3 axes and 8 buttons, but when you look at Axis information, they are Horizontal, Vertical, and Scrolling, the first two doing what you expect and Scrolling doing nothing at all.  Similarly, only 4 buttons show up on the "button info" display, left-click, right-click, and wheel press (tilting does nothing, and I didn't get the fourth indicator to light).


Bob Schor

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Thank you Bob Schor.

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