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IMAQ extract (-1074396077), Crop Image

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I have a 12 bit CCD camera (Vosskühler). I use the IMAQ vi's, to take the image from the CCD cam the IMAQ The communication to the camera works fine...


I'd like to crop the "full" image, take a rectangular region of interest of this image. For this purpose I use the IMAQ


Problem: when I try to crop directly the image which is coming from the camera, the IMAQ generates an error (-1074396077). BUT when I first save the picture on a local drive, reload it again and try to crop it then, then it works properly ! What can be the problem ?


I attached the vi which does not work...


Many thanks for your help


PS: I mean I have a solution with the save, close and reload, but I don't like this !


Cheers, Matthias

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Hello MJ77,


can you please delete the image type of the croped image, so no constant is connected?



best regards
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Hi Alexander,


unfortunately it also does not work ! I have deleted the constant (grayscale u16) from the croped image, but the error still occur.


In my understanding, the "depth" of the pixel (grayscale u8, u16, ...) should not affect a cropping function, but probably I'm wrong.


Do you have another idea ?


Best regards, Matthias

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What happens if you don't wire "Image Dst" into the IMAQ Extract VI?

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if I don't wire the "Image Name" input of the "IMAQ Extract.VI" then the LabVIEW can't be executed...

if I wire "Image Dst" to the "Image Name" input --> same error...


Did I understand your answer right ?


Other ideas ?


Many thanks. Matthias

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Remove the two IMAQ Dispose functions -- they are destroying your images (which are being built just fine, I checked) before you can see them, then when you try to manipulate non-existant images, you get an error.


Bob Schor

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Accepted by topic author MJ77

Hello MJ77


attached a vi in this you can see what image type came out of the snap function and also the option to load from a file.

I get the same error like you if the image types are not the same.

best regards
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Thanks at all !


The problem was the data type. Although I defined U16, it was I16 returned from the camera.


LG Matthias

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