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IMAQ Vision Aquisition - Crashing Program

I am encountering a problem with my program crashing when I try to run video aquisition from one camera and take a snapshot from another camera.  I was wondering if anyone has encountered this issue before and has found a solution?


Thank you.

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Maybe I am too old for the Vision Acquisition Express VI: I have not used it yet.
However, I am currently working on a vision project that works almost like yours: Two GigE cameras are continously delivering images in parallel. No image gets lost. Each image is analysed.
What kind of crash do you get?

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The camera images are all white and the CPU spikes to 100%

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Hi LabView Q,


Are you able to acquire images in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)? Or, are the images all white in that environment as well? You might find this KnowledgeBase useful. Are any errors thrown at all? Or, does LabVIEW simply crash every time you try to run this program? One other thought, you might check out this document on variables, which will help you stop your parallel loops without aborting the code. One possibility here is that your references are not being closed when the program is aborted. So, then, when run over again, this MIGHT be contributing to your unexpected behavior.

Matt J - NI Tools Network
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