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IMAQ Overlay Multiple Lines Cannot use Fill Drawing Mode


Hi All,


I'm trying to use the "IMAQ Overlay Multiple Lines 2" in LabVIEW 2014. Apparently, it can use two drawing modes: Fill and Frame. However, when I wire the Drawing Mode terminal with "Fill", I get an error message: 


Error -1074395325 occurred at IMAQ Overlay Lines

Possible reason(s):

IMAQ Vision: NI Vision does not support the DrawMode value you supplied.


ANy idea what's going on?





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Hi SoheyIV,

There's actually a known bug with IMAQ Overlay Multiple Lines 2 that causes the function to throw that error when the fill option is selected; unfortunately, this means that the fill option can't be used at all. If the area you're trying to overlay is a regular shape, you could try using one of the other overlay functions (for example, IMAQ Overlay Rectangle + fill), but unfortunately Overlay Multiple Lines 2 + fill won't work.


Ryan K.
Product Manager, ATCA and BEEcube
National Instruments
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Thanks Ryan. Does anyone know if this bug is fixed in 2015?





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Hello SoheyIV, 


A corrective action request (CAR) was filed for this bug. This bug is not fixed in LabVIEW 2015. For future reference, the CAR number for this issue is: 364804. To verify is this big is fixed in future releases of LabVIEW, please feel free to refer to the release notes that come along with new versions of LabVIEW. For example, below is a link to the LabVIEW 2015 SP1 Bug Fixes.


LabVIEW 2015 SP1 Bug Fixes:


Best Regards,


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1) I've open the block diagram of IMAQ Overlay Multiple Lines 2,

2) I've copy the call library function with all controls and indicators on my VI

3) I've reconfigured the call library function using the function "LV_OverlayLines2" and works Smiley Happy


If I use the Call Library function with LV_OverlayLines2 in a subVi doesn't work.




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Hi Alberto,


This is interesting. I followed your suggestion, and I switched the call library function from LV_OverlayLines3 to LV_OverlayLines2. It indeed tries to draw the filled shapes, but it seems that it cannot handle the points correctly. The result is a polygon filled with the right color but the shape is completely distorted. Did you apply any other changes too? Did you modify your coordinates or just used the same coordinates?





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I used an array of points in out from ROI property.

The Points array is a succession of coordinate XY.

Eg. index 0   X0

       index 1   Y0

       index 2   X1

       index 3   Y1


I've trasformed the Points array in array of cluster XY as required in dll (input points).

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Is this known bug finding a solution?

(would be nice!)



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Hi PF,


It looks like the CAR has been originally scheduled to be fixed for 2016 but was unfortunately deferred to an unknown date. It is likely that this may be fixed in the next release in May however it does not have an official fix date currently.



Sam K

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Could you please post you block diagram to show how you got this to work? I tried to do the same but the shape still does not fill...

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