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IMAQ Configure Buffer - delay in setting up large number of buffers

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Hi all, 


I'm not sure which forum I should post this in, but hopefully someone who can help me will see this. I am having an issue with a program I wrote to acquire and save images from a linescan camera.


My camera (SUI Goodrich, 1024 pixels) is connected to a framegrabber (PCIe-1427) board, which is connected via an RTSI cable to a PCI-6731 board attached to an SCC-68 connector (M-series).  My aim is to drive a scanning galvanometer mirror, and acquire images from the camera continuously over each sweep. Such that one sweep of the galvo will correspond to one image frame (1024 pixels x 1024 lines).


I have been successful in doing this ( I think), as my live acquisition program works just as I expect. However when I try to save the frames, I notice that for a higher number of frames, the start point of the image is shifted by the same amount for each frame. I'm not really sure what is happening, it looks to me as though there is a delay in using the "IMAQ Configure Buffer" VI when a large number of buffers is used. 


I would really appreciate any insight or ideas that anyone might have regarding this issue. 


Kindest regards, 


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I have fixed the issue by realising that I am not actually using 1000 buffers to save 1000 frames. Program works if the number of buffers is lowered.

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