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ICT L70 bill acceptor

Maybe it is broken?


How does this company expect you to use this device if they don't provide you anything more than an installation manual?


Those square boxes and question marks mean it is sending you binary data.  Try setting your string display to hex mode.  See if that means anything more to you.  But a good manual would explain how it works.

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It can receive notes, it's just that my labview will not read any data. Though i found the connection from my NI MAX, still don't get why it would not display anything. Maybe the connection read from the NI MAX is just the serial to Usb converter, but not the bill acceptor ? Can that happen and how would I check this ? And also, is the command necessary ? I mean why would we send command to the bill acceptor and ask it to do anything ? I though the working principle is just that it is able to identify different notes, and it sends response to labview whenever there are notes inserted to it. From there, we identify each different values sent from the bill acceptor and thus, decode it and make a program. That's how it works for my coin acceptor, which I think it make sense. I do not require any command for my coin acceptor. 


Maybe that is also why I cannot find any command for the bill acceptor ? The link that I sent previously was different model from the same company, I cannot find the exact model for the one I used. 


Thanks for your time and patient anyway. 

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I didn't mean broken as in mechanically broken.  I meant broken as in it isn't doing what it is intended to do.  As in, the electronics aren't transmitting the data it is supposed to do.


The only thing that will show up in MAX is the serial port.  Only NI devices will show up in MAX as specific devices unless the manufacturers wrote their device drivers to specifically show up there.  Generally, third party devices are treated as virtual com ports which means only the com port will show up in MAX.


You need to talk to the manufacturer.  Yes, it makes sense that it would function the same way as the coin acceptor, but obviously it is not, either because its software wasn't written the same way, or the device is outright broken.  If the manufacturer is not able to give you a proper manual that explains how to use it, then I would recommend returning the device and finding a different brand where the manufacturer will support you with that information.

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Hello guys, I had actually just found the problem to be solved. It's actually my hardware configuration that causes no response from my hardware. 

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