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Can anyone offer a bit of help, I am using a DIOlan I2C adapter to read "BQ27541" battery fuel gauge.

I have no problem writing/reading standard commands, such as Temp.,Voltage, Current, and so on.

The problem is, can't seem to figure out how to write/read Sub commands, to retrieve Firmware and Device type.

Although the Sub commands are listed in the Texas Instruments data sheet, I'm not clear on how to implement this in Labview.  

Please help.



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Hello Engr_RGL,


I cannot properly view your VI because there are some sub VIs that have not been loaded yet. However I double checked your information and confirmed that the Firmware and Device-Type are sub-commands available for the BQ27541. I think we can begin by comparing how you read/write a value from a standard command vs. how you read/write a value from a sub-command. This comparison will help us narrow down the differences between calling a standard command and calling a sub-command for this device. Are you able to upload a screenshot of your code for this two instances?




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As you requested, Here's a screen shot of my VI.

Best Regards.

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Can you guide me through your VI? 


I see how you connect and open your device and how you work with the Master Port. Then you used the command for State of Charge that you obtained from the datasheet and it worked fine. What input do you enter when attempting to get a sub-command?

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