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I2C communication




I am working in LabView to communicate with a ZSC 31014 chip and am struggling with how to use the VISA read and write functions in LabView.  When using the VISA write function the input is an ASCII string, but what does the function send? If i need to write something in hexadecimal form do I need to convert it then put it in the write buffer?  I have attached a picture of my VI as well as the command syntax sheet for the device.  The first task is to send the command v to the command board and then read a repsonse. 



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The VISA Write is just sending a 'v' through the UART you specified.


Do you have a RS-232 to I2C device?

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The communication board is connected to the computer by USB. the v command returns the current version of the command board. 

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If you need to specify the string to send in hexadecimal rather than ASCII form, then right-click your string constant (currently containing "v") and select "Hex Display" instead of "Normal Display". Then you can enter the string byte-by-byte as pairs of hexadecimal digits.

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