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I want to output an arbitrary waveform using LabView onto the oscilliscope through the DAQ2005 card. Can anyone help please?

Hey guys,
I am new to LabView and my final year project depends on it! Please help as much as you can!
I am trying to output an arbitrary waveform on an oscilliscope. The shape of the waveform depends on user input parameters like no. of samples, amplitude of each sample and the frequency of desired waveform. Please refer to attached In the attached vi, the desired waveform is displayed on the front panel. My project requires that I output this waveform through the analogue output channels of the 2 DAQ2005 cards that I have. When I connect the output of th to the input of the AO write express vi, there is no output of the oscilliscope. I believe it should be connection problems with regards to while loops and loop conditions. I have also attached my attempted vi.
Please feel free to give some advice. It is greatly appreciated,
Best regards,
TheApprentice of LabView
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You didn't attach any VI and what is the DAQ 2005? I don't know of any NI board with that model number. The analog output functions on the LabVIEW DAQ palette only work with NI boards.
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