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I want to make a hardcopy of the screen of a Tektronix 11801A. It is possible to read out the binary file - but I do not know how to convert this in a.bmp or any grafical format. Can anybody help?

Now you are saying you have a 11803 and not the 11801A that you put in the subject line?????

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Well - I�m sorry that I got the wrong number. It is 11801A.
But it does not make any difference. The problem ist to convert the data which is already read out. I would assume that the number which the oscilloscope has is not so important!
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Have you tried the VPCurve? command? It transfers all trace records that make up a variable persistance trace.

The manual also describes the format of the data returned by the BITMap command. You might try posting some of the data you are getting along with this section of the manual.

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If you want a "hardcopy" then see if the COPY command will work for you.

Otherwise, unless someone else has done this, you are going to have to do some work on your own.

I also found some programs over at about converting bitmaps. Go to their support page and type in "bitmap".

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