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I need to log into a remote Linux system using LabVIEW.

I can get in using the FTP protocal to get my data, but I need to execuite a shell command to start data processing. I have tryed Telnet but it wants to be interactive and I jest cant seem to mane it work Has anyone done this. (please note that this process will be done about 300 times during the process and I would like to automate it.
Thank you

James Zumstein
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Hi James,

Some ideas:
1. Internet Toolkit from NI - as far as I remember, Telnet is included
2. Using TCP functions (and some documentation about Telnet protocol) you can implement it.
3. Use a Telnet application and try to send "commands" to it (there are available some VIs to communicate with other apps this way, especially for windows)
4. Try to implement a little server application (on your remote machine, capable of triggering those processes) and connect to it using TCP. You can find an example in Labview.
If one of these sounds interesting, I'll be happy to give you details.
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