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I need to control a Votch 3050 Thermal Chamber via serial port with LabVIEW

In trying to control the Votch 3050 Thermal Chamber via LabVIEW through serial port, I don't seem to get any response from requesting the thermal chamber state($00I) as the byte count at the serial port returns zero. I have tried a lot of settings on the Thermal Chamber but to no good.

Trying to control the unit from LabVIEW set the unit to odd figures (not the programmed ones) if it actually communicates, otherwise, there is no change or effect.

I would really appreciate any sort of advice, help or opinion regarding the actual settings on the thermal chamber or the VI setup.
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find attached a .llb - file (LabVIEW6.1)- there is a Temperature chamber VT4004 (Heraeus Voetsch) controlled via serial port. I expect, that your problem is similar. Use the's vt4004 and separated for first tests. Hope this helps. If needed, you can get complete temperature sweep - program for this instrument. If you have additional questions - write to:
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