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I need to calculate the frequency of analog signal


I want to calculate frequency of analog signal attached below please help me.

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You can try to get ideas based on this tutorial:

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It is quite obvious that there is a major frequency component with a wavelength of about 30 x-units, but there are of course significant other frequencies. There is a gigantic DC offset, so the most dominant frequency is 0Hz from just looking at it.


To get frequencies, we first need to know all the units. Looks like you are just graphing with dt=1. Do you know the real point spacing?


If you are only interested in the major oscillation, maybe "extract single tone" would be all you need.

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Sir is a graph of displacement of poker so i need to calculate frequency of every signal not only major oscillations.

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So frequencies, not frequency then. Start by attaching some typical data.


  • Are you showing us the entire signal or just a fraction?
  • Can frequencies change over time?
  • What does the data represent?
  • What do the frequencies mean?
  • What is a poker?
  • Are you also interested in phase information?
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1. Its a fraction of signal

2.frequency change over time

3.Data represent displacement

4.overall frequency of signal is vibrator used in constructions, not interested in phase information

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This is my Vi.

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this is my vi.

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