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I need a LabView driver for a VC 4020 oven

Has anybody made a driver for a vc 4020 climachamber?
I would like some information about it.
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I could not find anything on the Net for this Climachamber. What communication protocol does it use? If it's something simple, e.g., string commands, maybe you can implement this yourself in LabVIEW.



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Hi Andre

Labview DSC 6.1 has a wizard that allows you to create your own OPC servers inside Labview (search for VI-Based Sever). I very much doudt that you will find an OPC server for the Climachamber (OPC servers are the best to use as it will allow you to take advantage of all the alarms and logging capabilities of the tag engine). You can create an OPC server yourself using the wizard and standard labview programming practices i.e. Serial vi's, gpib vi's or DLL calls. If you get back to me with the communications specs I can give you a few pointers. Hope to here from you soon.
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