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I inherited some interesting code, and cannot get it to work.

Hello All,

I recently joined a research project, and the previous researcher programmed a series of readouts for both a load cell, and an amperage sensor. Unfortunately, I cannot find many notes on how the code works. The amperage portion of the code is working quite well, but the code to run the load cell causes a 200463 error in it's current format. Any help would be appreciated!


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Hi  Burnsie123,


The error occur when the number of element in the "output array" does not match the number of lines. If you are only using one line, make sure there is only one element in the array.

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At this point it would seem important to go over this code with somebody who has a basic understanding of LabVIEW. (I don't even have DAQmx installed, so I am out, but I am sure there are plenty of members here that are willing to clean this code up a little bit). It seems unusual to have two independent loops running at different rates, each with its own stop button, but no way to restart one loop without stopping both. If all code should run with the current default 100ms loop time, maybe you can put all in one loop?  Also look into a simple state machine.


For example writing to a terminal and local variable of the same terminal makes no sense and is redundant. Both operation do exactly the same and one is enough (that local variable needs to go, simple as that ;))



Later you read that data , build an array with some other data, then write it to a chart. This chart has a 1024 point history, so if it gets more data, the oldest is irreversibly lost.


A second simple rule that is important to know is the fact that the size of the array container is independent of the array size. You can have an array with millions of elements, even if only five show at the same time. In particular, the array container of "Output array" is sized to show one element, but if you resize down, you will notice that the array has two elements. Is that what it should be?







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To get rid of an element in an array control, right click on it then browse to: Data Operations --> Delete Element.


ETA, if both loops can run at the same rate and leaving the chart display the same for now.

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