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I haven't received mail from LV

Hello all

Please help me

I have LV 7.1.1 and WIN XP.

I link to Internet via telephone modem.

I want to send the mail on my post box.

I set the mail server from my provider in  “SMTP Email Send”.

I haven’t error. But message wasn’t received on my post box.

What can I do?

With respect.


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Please look at these links that might contain information that is helpful for you.


Unable to send email from my server to internet mail address. Labview.


Connecting To POP3 Mail Servers With LabVIEW


Cannot Send E-Mail Using the Send Message VIs in the Internet Toolkit

Jimmie Adolph
Systems Engineering Manager, National Instruments Northern European Region

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Dear Jimmie Adolph.
Thanks for the answer.
I have found the Error.  I didn't set   the "return address".
Now all are worked.
Best regards

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