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I have made my .c into .dll ,but my labview6.0 can not use?

I have made my .c into .dll ,but my labview6.0 can not use?
the message box show:
"0x02c95310"momery can't be read
I will appriciate for any help.
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More information is needed, like the compiler you are using, the prototype of the functions your are calling, etc.

The official document that explain how to create dll and how to call it from LabVIEW is Using External Code in LabVIEW, which you can access from LabVIEW's help or through the previous link. Also, you can check the quick troubleshooting article External Code for LabVIEW - CIN / DLL - Starting Point.

Let us know.

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Hi, tyro.
Check the calling convention you use in your dll (C or stdcall). If you use the wrong convention you may get this error.

Good luck.

Oleg Chutko.
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dear Oleg Chutko:
thanks for your answering.
now my LV can load the .lsb and run without errs,but it does not
works, I mean I can not get what I want.for example:c=a+b,I make
a=1,b=2,c must be 3,
but c do not change its original value,I don't know why?could you tell
me ?
In addition,I compile .c through vc6.0 in win2000 successfully,and
I get .lsb. but i get .dll without .lsb in win98(my vc6.0's
configuration is of sameness)
thanks for any help!
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