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I have got problems about drving Dani Robot.

Hi everyone

I am using the Dani robot for my major project. First I would like to apologize for my English.
I have already finished labview design. I am trying to run the Dani Robot. But it has got problems which is sensor, big frame.
When Dani robot runs in area where i makes obstacles, sometimes Dani Robot' wheels bumped on edge of the obstacle.
I thought It is sensor speed, angle problem.
I had changed sensor speed, angle. After that I tried to run the Dani Robot. It was same...Also Sensor doesn't read like cotton meterials.
I was searching about sensor problem on Internet. Someone said it is influenced by the sun. Because i tried to run the Dani Robot in like balcony. I can't beleive whether it is true or not?

Please let me know What is the problem?
I will be happy if anyone has an idea about this problem.
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