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I had to select one set of commands applied to build array VI to be disabled after the first iteration

I 'am attaching one VI . here my intention is to stop the program from taking 19-0 commands after first iteration.And when I click the case selector to true  then the cpmmands from 163-170 to be read by the for or while loop  . Can i expect kind help?

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  1. Setup your serial port before your main loop.  Close it afterwards.
  2. Look into the Select function in the comparison palette.  You can wire your arrays (or better yet, strings) to each of the outside terminals and wire your button to the select input.  Wire the output to the VISA write.
  3. Instead of type cast, use Byte Array to String and String to Byte Array.
  4. You probably don't need the buttons and case structures in the inner loop.
  5. You are reading all of the bytes in the port, but you are only looking at the first one.  As stated in 3, use the String to Byte Array.  Use the Search 1D Array to see if your character 27 came through (the resulting index will be negative if it wasn't found).

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can you please send the snippet of this. Please help me. From your description its difficult for me to understand


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I have a doubt that if  acn Give the resulting 28 to then selection terminal of select signal. How can I do that 

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