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I get an error when I try to save my VI. The file mentioned is "fpsane.cpp" and line 269.

Trying to save the VI results in an error ("insane object"), which crashes LabVIEW. The error is reported to be in "fpsane.cpp" on line 269. The problem remains when reloading the VI (even after system reboot and empty temp directory). Creating a new VI and copying (using cut & paste) all of the program code into this rids the problem for while, but after a few modifications and runs, the same error reappears. The VI is not that large or complex so I cannot understand where the problem lies - the code is quite basic. I do use one CIN, but there has not been any problems with the corresponding C-code before. Taking the CIN away does not help either. Besides the CIN, the most "comple
x" part is a tab control where each of three tabs contains a chart.

I use a newly purchased 6.0i version of LabVIEW. Does anyone has an idea how to solve this problem?
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Have you downloaded and installed the free update to LabVIEW 6.0.2? This update cured a lot of problems.

I had an insane object that was a wire that went nowhere and connected to the same spot as another wire. This fragment was under one of the icons/VIs in the diagram. Only after moving some things and rewiring, did I solve the problem. If your VI is not too complex, you might look into this.

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It is a bug in the editor for all 6.0x versions.
It gets better in 6.02 but once such an insane error appears you should immediately try to eliminate it. Eliminating can be done in a binary search.
1) Save your vi under a new name say
2) edit this by removing half of the vi.
3) save it and watch for the insane error.
4) if it still exists remove another half otherwise start anew with the original copy and repeat those steps until you find the insane object or wire.

If you don't remove this error as soon as possible it will make your editor more unstabe and at the end it will crash !
greetings from the Netherlands
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