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I cannot get my DAQPAC 6016 to work with Matlab R14, what driver do I need?

I've just installed the software necessary to support the DAQPAC 6016 usb device. Using NI software, the hardware appears to operate. However, I cannot get Matlab R14 to work with it at all. The following matlab line fails immediately: AI = analoginput('nidaq', 1);

I installed the SW and drivers that came with the daqpac which I believe is v7.1 or v7.3 (don't know because I don't have the actual labview).

I am stuck, where do I go from here?

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NI currently has two drivers -- NI-DAQ Traditional (Legacy) and NI-DAQmx Measurement services. NI-DAQmx is the newer driver, and our newest boards are only supported with NI-DAQmx. That being said, the DAQPad 6016 is only supported in NI-DAQmx, and the Matlab DAQ Toolbox currently only supports Traditional DAQ.

Your solution, at the moment, seems to swtich to another appication development evironment (LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Visual Studio, .NET...)

Hope this helps,
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Hello, I have a similar problem using MATLAB2015a and and NI9233. the deployed application to .NET does not recognize the device. I installed NIDAQmx 14.1, but no vendors are found. Thank you!

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This is a ten year old thread and this forum is for LabVIEW questions. For Matlab, you should be using the Mathworks forums.
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