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I cannot communicate with a Network Analyzer through the LAN connection.

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Have a USB-ETHERNET connection to an Agilent Network Analyzer.   I can ping the instrument  with cmd prompt.   But I keep getting stuck at setting up a network connection through MAX or trying to connect through Labview VISA connections.    I get the error "Insufficient location information or the device or resource is not present in the system".   

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What is the IP address of the instrument?  What is the IP address of the computer with the USB-Ethernet adapter?  How are you connected to the instrument (direct connection? switch? router?)?

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And what is the model of the instrument? Does it support VXI-11/LXI?
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It is an Agilent E8363B Network Analyzer.   It is not a VXI-LXi instrument.   I'm using a D-Link USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet Adapter.  The ip address of the analyzer is and the ip address of the pc is, same subnet   I did read that it may need a different address something like "TCPIP0::"HOSTNAME:SOCKET:INSTR"

Thank you for the help.

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The :INSTR designation is for VXI-11/LXI instruments. How did you create the resource? With MAX and Create> New TCP/IP Resource? The driver for it lists GPIB as the only supported interface. Are you sure that Ethernet is available for remote control?
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I found that the firmware is A.6.04.32, which is older than the units shipped with LXI-1.1 & VXI-11.3.

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I think it is, the help menu says that LAN communication is supported.

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I tried to use max to create a link to the instrument.   But it did not recognize the analyzer.  Although while it is searching for VXI instruments i see the " Agilent-IFPFUIJ"  in the search window temporarily.

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Do an upgrade of the firmware. Don't bother doing a search for VXI-11 if it's not supported. You would need to create RAW connection if you don't change the firmware.
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If I cannot upgrade firmware, how do I create a RAW connection?

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