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I cannot communicate between Labview 2019 and HID Compliant devices

I am carrying out a project that I need to communicate a UPS with Labview. This UPS has a proprietary driver and has a USB port. I have already tried to use the Driver Wizard to create a VISA Driver based on the Vendor ID and Product ID, when I replace the original driver with the VISA driver the UPS stops communicating with the Proprietary Software.

I found a file that says that HID Compliant devices are special cases and cannot be overwritten by a VISA driver. This article guides the use of the direct call to HID.dll, through the function "Call Library Function Node", however I was unable to make such a call by the example of Labview.
Has anyone had a similar problem and could send me an example of a VI using this feature and working with HID.dll? or suggest some other solution to the problem? PS: I can communicate between the UPS and other programs that normally capture data from USB, so the driver is correctly installed and the equipment is working.
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