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I can't connect to my crio after letting sit overnight running

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I swear, just when I think I'm starting to grasp this ecosystem, something else happens to derail me. I left a compactrio 9074 running overnight with a real time program running to collect data. Really basic program, it time delayed for about 12 hours to start collecting data right before sunrise, and then was supposed to just measure the voltage of a solar panel as the sun came up and write the data to a txt file. I attached my VI below.


After I got to work, I went to check on it, and now I can't ping it or connect or anything. I even tried power cycling it but it still won't let me connect or ping. Did I max out the memory? Why would this happen if so? Also, how on earth do I fix this? The only status lights that are on on the rio is the green power led.


Also, I'm trying to connect over ethernet. And I'm using labview 2019 32 bit.

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Lol. Hi guise. For some reason my laptop wasn't recognizing my ethernet to usb adapter. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and now it's working.



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