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I am unable to add wires to any vi on one of my computers.

I am unable to add wires to any vi on one of my computers.
The installation was performed by a previous coworker.  I cannot contact him.  I'm not sure if he had some special settings which cause this or not.  I copied all of the Tools/Options settings off my version and still, no luck. 
I can delete wires and add new vis.  However, when I mouse over a wire, my pointer should change to the spool of wire (signifying that I can route a new wire).  Instead, my mouse just remains a hand pointer.  If I click on the wire or vi to add a new wire, nothing happens.  Something related and strange is that the mouse pointer, instead of being a cross-hair, is a pointing index finger.
This morning, I uninstalled the version, deleted all the registry settings I could find, rebooted and reinstalled.  Still no luck.
This is very frustrating!!  Any thoughts??
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This may be a silly question, but what version of LabVIEW are you using? If its before 7.0, then you have to use the [TAB] key to change between the pointer, the spool, the hand, etc.

- Greg
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Also, if you shift-right click you can bring up the Tools palette and pick whichever tool you need (if you don't want to use the Tab key).


P.S. - Also, make sure the VI is not in Run mode (press Ctrl-M).  And go to VI Properties (Ctrl-I) and make sure under the Security page the VI is not "Locked".

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Ahh.  I have v7.1 but pressing tab does scroll through the different pointers and allow me to add wires.  Now, how do I set it back to auto mode??



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Never mind.  Shift-Tab gets me back to auto pointing. 

Thanks Darren and LabViewGuruWannabe!!

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Here is another tip.  Click on the top menu bar "Windows", then select Show Tools Palette from the drop down list.  Then you can select the tool you want by clicking on the Tools Palette that appears.  The top selection in this palette (green LED square) is the auto tool selection.  Just click on it to toggle on/off.
- tbob

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