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I am unable to activate my labview license

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I tried to activate my LV2014SP1-license a few days ago and wasn't able to do so.

It's for professional development system and I still have the proof of purchase. It seems that the license itself has somehow forgot that it should also include Labview.


I called for assistance then and got techsupport# 3323491 and it says now that it is awaiting action from the customer. But there was some email-problems from NI to my email so I am not receiving anything, that's why I try to create another issue here connecting it to #3323491.



The license itself was bought back in 2008, then our company name was Lab.gruppen, after that Music group, and now I believe it's Music tribe innovation Sweden.

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A standard question I have to ask is: "Have you checked your junk folder?"

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Indeed I have 😉


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I would go back to the support request. I am sure asking for clarification is one of the possible "actions" they are "awaiting". 😄


What kid of errors do you get when you try to activate? Is your license listed in your NI profile?


Please note that LabVIEW 2014 is not really supported in Windows 10 (but it might still work), so this could be also a potential issue. (details)

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Thanks I got the activation code from NI now and it worked.


The problem before was that my license didn't want to recognize Labview although I knew it should.

Now all is good.


Thanks for all input.


Well, Labview2014SP1 actually does work for Win10 🙂


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