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I am trying to speed up my loops in LabVIEW by understanding memory management better. I have two questions regarding this.

1) Do shift registers pass data by value or by address? Can I speed up loops that pass arrays (static or growing) through the loop? Maybe with local variables?

2) Does LabVIEW implement arrays of strings as arrays of pointers to strings? If not, then how?

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1. Main issue is to use preinitialized arrays and resize arrays sequentially (adding reasonable(optimal) number of elements at each array resize). Don't recommend to make it at each loop iteration. Use "replace array element" function. It's faster. Local variables using is rather tricky and slow.
Don't think about shift registers when realizing ways of passing data. Think of LabVIEW way of passing data.

2. Yes, generally.

These issues are described in .pdf/printed LabVIEW manuals and in LabVIEW datastorage formats articles. Some more deep issues are described in LabVIEW CIN reference manual. Search and developer zone for articles as well.

Learn this also using "LabVIEW Advanced Courses" or course kit's available from NI.

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