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I am running a vi that crashes after a period of time with no error message

I have designed a vi that runs in a for loop. It takes data from the BNC-2110 (using the AI One Scan vi), and then calls a vi to adjust the measurements to a temperature. After this it displays an output on a plot (per input channel). After this program runs for a while (not always the same amount of time), LabView will close and a Windows (2000), application error box will pop-up. The box will simply state that an error has occured and an error log is being recorded.

Here is a copy of the vi that I am using. It may take up to twenty minutes for the error to occur. I think that everything is in order (on the programming end). It is a short program and if anybody can find
the problem, I would be very happy.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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this is the same error that happened to me last summer under NT. Switching to win200 helped me but you are already on win2000. The best I can suggest is to install labview 6.02 in a clean win2000 system and update to the newest NIDAQ release 6.91
greetings from the Netherlands
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I have already taken these suggested steps, the problem still persists. One person suggested that it may be a memory leak; but I can't seem to determine where it is (I have already restricted the plot histories).

Any more help would be appreciated, thanks,

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Hi Tyrone,

Please see my answer to your previous post.

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