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I am looking for some information on ELAN protocol for Siemens analyzers and also some information on AK protocol for California Analytical Analyzers. Mainly I need a starting point to communicate with these devices for labview.

Thanks you very much for your email, i received it. I will work on this and will send a feedback to you.


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Hi David I hope you're still reading this thread. I've recently been asked to develop a comm layer for the ELAN protocol, and I soon realized there's a lack on information on the web about it.

I read you developed VIs for it, so I'm asking where did you get the protocol specifications, and if you can share them with me.

My email is - thanks a bunch for any help you can give! Smiley Happy


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Hi Kirk


I am very interested in some example vi about AK protocol over Ethernet port.

Any help would be very welcome.



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Hi Thom,

if you give me an email address I can send some examples to you.  Just reply to this thread.




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Wow, I accidently ended up on the "other" end of this thread and realized it's fully five years old.


Five years and still useful - how cool is that?


Best regards,


David Boyd
Sr. Test Engineer
Abbott Labs
(lapsed) Certified LabVIEW Developer
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Hi Kirk.


This would be great! Thanks!

Here my mail adress:



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Mr. Boyd your code continues to be very useful. I too have embarked on a project which uses the Siemens Gas Analyzer and I could make great use of your VIs. If you are still willing to share them please send the zip file to
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I ran across this thread and I believe it answers my question. I'm ordering a CAI Analyzer which uses the AK protocol and intend to communicate with the device using Labview 2009. I'm looking for a starting point for setting up communication with the device (specifically it's a 600 Series NDIR CO Analyzer). It has an option for both RS-232 and TCP, so either example would be helpful right now.





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I see this post has gone a few days without reply.  You'll need a response from EECL (Kirk at Colorado State's Engines & Energy Conversion Lab) - he's written LV code for the CAI device (also resold by Siemens).  It's a different protocol than the Siemens-developed ELAN devices (OXYMAT, ULTRAMAT).


Hopefully it's just the holiday break and he'll be back on here in a few days.





David Boyd
Sr. Test Engineer
Abbott Labs
(lapsed) Certified LabVIEW Developer
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