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I am looking for some information on ELAN protocol for Siemens analyzers and also some information on AK protocol for California Analytical Analyzers. Mainly I need a starting point to communicate with these devices for labview.


Thanks again for sharing! If you're interested, I have revised the library to handle HFID and HCLD analyzers in addition to the NDIR/paramagnetic analyzers that were already supported, and have revised the I/O of the VIs to convert to numeric values & clusters rather than only strings. I haven't tested most of this yet, just revised according to the documentation in the CAI manuals. It's attached in case you find it useful.

For HFID/HCLD analyzers, set channel to 0 where there's a channel # input.

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Fixed the file path dependency issue from when I dropped the P and renamed it to CAI 600, and fixed an error in "Get Measuring Range Limit" vi:

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A couple more bug fixes and an added UI example VI - I've now got what I need working in my own project, so this is as far as I plan to take my extensions to the original.

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Thank you David for sending the ELAN VI library


We are studying burn process of small scale fireplaces and one part of the measurement system is to read values from Siemens FIDAMAT 6 and ULTRAMAT 23.

We are using cRIO 9074 with NI 9871 (RS485) module and LabVIEW 2016.


ELAN VI library works like a charm and was easy to modify to suit our purpose.

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David Boyd,


I am also trying to communicate with an Ultramat 23.  Would you please send me the ELAN library and manual as well?  I really appreciate it.


Thank you very much!

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Dear David Boyd,


We recently bought a Siemens Ultramat 23. It would be nice if we can communicatie to the device using LabView. Could you send me your VI library? My e-mail is r.t.driessen @ Thanks in advance!


With kind regards,


Rick Driessen

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Dear David Boyd,


I am yet the next in an apparently long list of lonely souls looking to establish communications between Labview and a Siemens Ultramat 23 using ELAN.  I wish to ask for any help/libraries/examples you might have to give regarding the matter.  Your help is most appreciated.  My e-mail is mlundin @ ku . edu


Thank you!



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Hi Dave,

who could dare to call himself the last in the list of ELAN VI searchers. Just a new entry is probably more appropriate.

And thence, I'd make me the next LV programmer to ask for your assistance.....


If you find time to mail me your ELAN vis, I'd be only too happy.


Michael Conze

Sr Eng. Testing

MAHLE Filtersysteme GmbH

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Michael Conze,


I sent you a PM asking for your email address.  Please reply there unless you're OK with posting it here.



David Boyd
Sr. Test Engineer
Abbott Labs
(lapsed) Certified LabVIEW Developer
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