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I am in need of 3-way switch

I am in need of 3-way switch VI . NOT slider VI . and i have found 3-way switch but i was unable to inc the size of switch and also when i was trying to change the switch position it was showing the 4 position option.


Please help me on this and plz provide me the switch VI


Thankd and regards


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Use a Picture Ring.

Right click on the control and choose Advanced > customize 

Resize the picture box to desired size. and also increase and decrease buttons.

I took 3 way switch from this link

and edited to enlarge the size.

Alter the size of Picture and Increase, decrease button.

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Hi thanks for the reply ..whenever i used to change the size , infact dec it , boarders are getting erased and i do not want to the select item whenever i click on switch. so plz help me in these issues

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Hi can i get switch exactly as the design as attached

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Can you upload the images how the switch should appear during each states?


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Hi mahadev,


why don't you continue this discussion in the original thread?

Best regards,

using LV2020 on Win8.1+cRIO
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I have attached 3-way switch and its states. thanks for the reply ..

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One problem which i found in the 3-way switch which u shared .. supoose if i press on that switch it goes to up state, agin if press it comes to middle state and again if i press it comes to down state but my requirement is if on up side it should be up state , again if i press it should come to midlle state , now again if press on up , it should to up state not down state ... the same follows for down state also ...

please help me

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Hi mahadev,


"please help me"


We do this now for quite some time!

As said before: Use a picture ring, include your 3 states as individual pictures. Now you can select which state to go...

Best regards,

using LV2020 on Win8.1+cRIO
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I am not gettinbg what u mean .. what is picture ring .. how to change the states.




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