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I am in need of 3-way switch

Karthikeyan90 has already explained what a picture ring is.  Plus you have plenty of documentation to lean on, I'm sure you can do the research and fill in the gaps.  Are you reading your own thread?

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One problem which i found in the 3-way switch which u shared .. supoose if i press on that switch it goes to up state, agin if press it comes to middle state and again if i press it comes to down state but my requirement is if on up side it should be up state , again if i press it should come to midlle state , now again if press on up , it should to up state not down state ... the same follows for down state also .....


i am unable to overcome this problem .. if i add or remove the states. during run if i press on upper part of picture ring it should go to up state |||ly for all the states it should follow ..

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For ur need, it is better to create an Xcontrol ( a custom control).

I will create an Xcontrol with following functionalities and upload.

Present state   Pressed key.      Final state.


up                      up                     up

up                      middle              middle

up                      down                 down

middle                up                      up

middle                middle                middle

middle                down                  down

down                  up                      up

down                  middle                middle

down                  down                  down.

If you need any change, post it as table above.

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This is what i  wanted exactly.

Thanks a lot . Really


Thanks & Regards


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Here i have created a Xcontrol. download the attachment.
Thanks & Regards,


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Thanks for the reply

Do we require Xcontrol library? and how to run the attached file. and how to use that 3-way in my application.





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I am not sure. I think that it is inbuilt feature of labview. I am using Labview 2010.
Right click in the Front panel and choose Select a Control and choose the 3-way switch.xctl. 

Or simply drag and drop the 3-way switch.xctl in the front panel.

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Thanks a lot its working fine .. can u make a 3-d image ..can u change the apperance and make little bit attractive.




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I have defined up, down and middle buttons as typedefs. So, open the up.ctl, down.ctl, and middle.ctl and edit the images.

Click the wrench icon (near Typedef) in tool bar below the menubar.

Right click on image and choose import from file. Similarly change the picture item in the right click menu and change all images accordingly.

One of the image is on image. another image is off image.

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If you are interested, I have This Idea about a Tri-State switch. 


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