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I/O other increases steadily in labview 8.2.1

The I/O other item in windows task manager increases steadily when a loop is running in labview 8.2.1.   Why? 
I use labview 8.2.1 and windows xp sp2.But Labview 7.1 is not.
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Did you forget to put the Wait primitive inside the loop, with a small delay value?
- Partha ( CLD until Oct 2021 🙂 )
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I  read a PXI 6528 digital input status inside a while loop, delay is 50ms.

 But memory increases continuously, the PXI system run slowly after 48 hours.

what can I  do?

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It is a example.
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You keep creating a new channel in your program. You need either to create it once or to close the channel after you are done in the sub vi. I suggest you create a shift register or place the initialization of the channel outside the main loop and inputted into the subvi. Remember to close the channel when done.
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