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I Can't copy the vi after build application

I copy the vi and make it run using vi server, it works great in the development environment. But when i build application,
it seems to can't copy. I know the path of application is different with development environment.  the VI is in a internal.llb of exe.
I try many ways of copy the vi, and place a indicator on the path of the copy vi, but every time I find it is "not a path"
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There are all kinds of differences between LV and the run-time engine, but I don't think they should affect copying of VIs (even built ones). I suggest you post your code so we can look at it.

By the way, if you what you want is multiple copies of your VI, all you need to do is rename its extension to vit and call it using VI server. A new copy will be created in memory each time you do this with each copy having its own memory space and FP. Search the example finder for VI templates and you will probably find some examples.

Addition - if you're trying to copy the VI into the exe, that is probably the reason for this as the exe would be write protected when it's running and you can't write into it. You shouldn't change an executable yourself anyway, as I think they're signed and changing them might cause the RTE not to run them.

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This is the vi I used to copy other vi.    labview 7.1
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Continued here.

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