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How to write the values of my config file on a Ring

Hello guys, 


I need to write to the Ring Text values through my configuration file as follows:
Ring 1: must contain Sequence 1 and Sequence 2 items.
If Sequence 1 is selected, Ring 2 must contain Task 1 and Task 2 as Items. And if Task 1 is selected, Ring 3 must contain Phase 1A, Phase 2A, Phase3A as Items.
And if Phase 1A selected, Ring 4 must have as Items all the elements of Phase 1A that are
Can you show me how to do this please? I can't do it and it's stressing me out.
Thanks you

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Hi Ngouda,


you can set the ring items using property nodes.

That being said: depending on your "value change" events on your frontpanel you need to set/change the items in the corresponding rings…


I don't find any property nodes for your rings in the VI!

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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Hi GerdW,
Thank you for your answer.
Yes, you are right, I haven't put the property nodes of the rings yet. But I know how to do that.
My problem is how to read just the text in my configuration file and put it in a ring.
For example I would like to get Sequence 1 and Sequence 2 from my file and put it in my Ring 1 so I have two items: Sequence 1 and Sequence 2.
I tried to get for example the texts of Task1 but I have the whole section: see image.
I want to get just the texts of each section (no brackets or comma) and then I can play with the Items and value change.
Is it possible please?
If so can you show me please?

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Hello Ngouda,

      So your problem is reading the required string/Text from the Given Config file?

I hope that the text you wanted to read is .json file, Check for how to read .json file and extract the required text/element using unflatten from json.

then you can map the extracted text to ring.

Also its better to share the actual config file instead of image and the required text that you wanted to extract.

Palanivel Thiruvenkadam | பழனிவேல் திருவெங்கடம்
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Kidlin's Law -If you can write the problem down clearly then the matter is half solved.
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Hi Palanivel Thiruvenkadam,

Yes my problem is that.
Yes the text I want to read is a .json file.
Below the .json configuration file and my vi. the format .json does not pass on the forum, I send it to you in .txt

Ok I will look for how to do with unflatten from json.
Thanks you

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