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How to well-aligned print a 2D string array to a textbox?

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Hi aveter,


I have a suspicion that your "Application Font" size isn't the same as what is used in the text box. The "Get Text" uses the default application font size in its calculation if an input is not wired, which I see from your screenshot is set to 17 pt, whereas the textbox looks like the default 15 pt.


Supply the actual font used by the text box to "Get Text" and you'll align the text as close as possible without setting its font to monospace:


Well Aligned Text Remaining Rows v2.png

Well Aligned Text Remaining Rows FP.png


I agree with the other posters on the awkwardness of this solution and the burning need for something more elegant.

Feel free. Contact me for anything more,

You too can be LabVIEW Awesome!
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