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How to use the NI-9870




I'm a beginner at the labview.

Last week, I got a job for the labview.

Our purpose is to measure some environment of experiment such as temperature, pressure, etc using the NI-9870 and cRiO-9073.


My supervisor advised me to find some examples of NI-9870 and improve them to fix our purpose.

I found some examples of the NI-9870 but they are too complicated for me because they contain FPGA programs.

He said we don't need to use FPGA.


Is there any much  easier examples without FPGA programs?

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What version of LabVIEW and FPGA are you using?  Some earlier versions required that you use FPGA with this module.

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If you're using a cRIO, then you are using FPGA.


Are you only using the 9870?  Seems way overkill to go to a cRIO just to have some serial ports.  You may be better off with a PCI-8430/4.  And then look for Simple Serial Input/Output examples using VISA.

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If you have a newer version of LV and FPGA then you can use the 9870 in scan mode.  There is one specific piece of software that will have to be installed on your cRIO to support scan mode. In scan mode you access the ports on 9870 with NI-VISA just like any other com port.  So any example that uses NI-VISA will work.

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