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How to use a dial or slider to set number to be sent in a text string to a serial device

How do I use a dial or slider to set  number to be sent in a text string to a serial device?  I'm currently using the String to Write window and VISA Write to send the following string to a RS232 serial device (stepper motor controller).  /A15000R or /A3600R or /A5620R, etc.  I'd like to set up a dial to change the value of the number portion of the string.  It is this number which corresponds to the motor position.  Any suggestions on how to do this?
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Step 1 - convert the number to a decimal string
Step 2 - concatenate with the /A prefix and the B suffix
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Being new to Labview I'm not really sure what I'm doing yet.  Should "Format into String" be used? It's not working however am I on the right track as shown in the attached screen shot?  ALso, how do I get the final "R" to appear at the end of the string? 
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Thank you that answers my question.  Much appreciated.


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