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How to use VI available in .exe format in another VI(probably as a subVI or as a part of VI)


I have been working with temperature controller of wavelength electronics...they have provided the LabVIEW interface(an executable .exe file) for the same....I am using this temperature controller in some bigger system which is to be monitored and controlled through LabVIEW. Is it possible to import the code available in the .exe file in the VI I am going to develop?(because we could only see Front panel and not block diagram when we run the executable VI)

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You cannot directly access the VIs as you asked but if the ActiveX server is enabled for the .exe then you can get the reference of the VI which is inside the .exe file.


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Thanks for the info..but how will it help me to use the code available in .exe? Is there any possible way? 

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Hi dev_ds,


you can call the EXE using SystemExec.


Or the EXE does provide any sort of communication protocol (using ActiveX, TCP, UDP, DataSocket, …) you can utilize. See the manual of that EXE!

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 Is it possible to import the code available in the .exe file in the VI I am going to develop?

No. You can imagine the code-theft possibilities of such a situation.

An EXE is basically a locked-box.  You can run it, but you can't get anything out of it beyond what the developer was willing to make available.

(Barriing extreme hacking).


Consult the developer to see if anything more is available.


You can run it by writing a file that it needs, or otherwise providing whatever inputs it needs.  But you cannot extract code from it.


Be glad of that.



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Thanks a lot for the help and valuable suggestions...

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