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How to use Data Binding on a cluster?

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I just discovered data binding, and have used it on some primitive controls/indicators. I'm loving the cleanness of the approach (no extra polling and wires required!) 🙂 


Now, this page suggests that I can bind a cluster to a shared variable too. However, when I do Right Click -> Properties, I can only see the Appearance and Documentation tabs (and I know I haven't accidentally selected an element inside the cluster, because (1) it's a strict typedef, and (2) the dialog's title says "Cluster Properties"). Where can I find the Data Binding tab?




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Open the Type def and then try the data binding.


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Hi P@Anand,


I have multiple controls/indicators linked to that typedef, so I don't want to bind the datatype itself to a shared variable. I'd just like to bind one particular indicator to one particular shared variable -- is that possible?



Ok, I can think of 2 ways to do what I want, thanks to P@Anand's tip:

  1. Create a new typedef that is bound to a variable (that's the wrong way round, in principle), and use that typedef for my FP
  2. Unlink the FP object from the typedef, then bind it to the variable

Either way, if I ever update my original typedef, I'll have to change it in two places Smiley Frustrated Is there any other solution? Can a typedef'ed FP object be bound to a typedef'ed SV?

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What your are trying to do can be done if you make the .ctl file as type definition insted of a strict type definition. With a strict type definition all instances link to the same .ctl file which is why you cannot use data binding on it.  

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