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How to use DSSS or FHSS sequencing methods in LabVIEW using modulation pallete

I already learned your sample code.

I have little problem here, is it possible to recover the symbol without demodulation?


Because I see your code, and there is no demodulation block


Thank you 

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Hi wicak,


Could you expand on what you want out of the demodulation? There are several more examples in the NI Example finder under Toolkits and Modules>Modulation>Simulation. I have attached a screenshot of the MT FSK



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For example, under modulation toolkit pallete, I can find demodulation pallete,

There are demodulation PSK/FSK, etc


But, I didn't see it in you screenshot,, 

Or, the demodulate FSK, in your screen shot can explained by several steps showed in your screenshot? (match filtering -> compute ideal symbol timing ->decimate -> map -> etc)

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I noticed that the spreading code being used is 1 code..

What if I want to use several spreading codes?


For instance, I have a table contains 5 PN codes, that I used for spreading,,

How does the receiver de-spread it?

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Hi can you please put FHSS modulation model in Labview? Thank you!

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my problem is to setup syncronism in the system. I added sdr Tx and Rx to this model with configured triggering and made user-defined message, This message is properly decoded only cyclically. What measures can you advice to solve this problem with timing? 

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Hello William,


the block diagrams in (niWLAN 80211bg ‏28 KB) are password protected, would you send me this?


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