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How to use CORBA IDL to labview.

Hello guys,
I am working with a tool which has its platform in CORBA and it has IDL (inteface definition language)inteface.
I want to use this tool with labview.i,e, i want to control the tool through labview.
Has any one of you done any thing on this.I came through IONA with a product called ORBIX.I need some help from you guys.
Thanks in Advance
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There's not much available in terms of interfacing CORBA with LabVIEW. A few years ago I was working with a fellow who was based England who was trying to do it, but he gave up and just had the CORBA stuff running independently. The KB article CORBA Support in LabVIEW basically tells you there is no native support. There's only a few postings regarding this:
this one
this one
this one

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Hello smercurio

Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion.Will like to get some more info on the same topic if u have some more.I have downloaded ORBIX from IONA to make bridge between CORBA and COM so that it can be handelled through Labview using COM automation.


Thanks and Regards



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Well, I don't really know anything about CORBA. The fellow I was working with was doing all the CORBA stuff. I'm not really sure I understand what you're asking. Are you asking how to use COM in LabVIEW? If so, take a look at the examples that ship with LabVIEW (Help -> Find Examples). Look for ActiveX.
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Did you eventually have any success using LabVIEW with a CORBA infrastructure?  I'm just beginning to look into doing this myself.  Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Nate Moehring

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